Maud, & And Then There Were None

maud and agHey there, bookish friends! This post will be a little different as I am back from  travelling the East Coast of Canada… it was so great… but my to-do list is LONG to say the least. We stayed in PEI for a couple days, visited Anne of Green Gables, and spent lots of time on the water. But now it’s back to reality and  getting ready to head back to work after my maternity leave!!! Feeling scared to see how it goes, but… hopefully I can handle everything once I’m back. I feel like there is potential for me to either be hyper-organized, or it could be absolute chaos. In the meantime, this is my warning to you!

I specifically chose two of the books I read while we were away, because of where they were set. I thought reading books that were set in places that we were travelling to, would be a great way to further my experience. I was so right! I posted about the “Quebec” book I read, Glass Houses, by Louise Penny, but Maud is the next one I chose.

Maud, by Melanie Fishbane is a fictional account of L.M. Montgomery’s childhood and adolescent years. This is a Young Adult novel, and this isn’t typically a genre I read, but the beautiful cover and description sucked me in. On a whim I bought this book with no back story or reviews of it, and I am so happy to be adding it alongside my L.M. Montgomery collection.

When you open up the cover of this book you see a “Cast of Characters” and a description of each one of them. This, I love. It’s so interesting to read about these people who played roles in Maud’s life, but also know that they were real people whom of which inspired some of her writing. This book is a relatively easy read and is also quite dreamy like Anne of Green Gables.


I think if you are a fan of L.M. Montgomery’s work, or even just a fan of Anne of Green Gables, this novel will resonate so deeply with you. The reader can tell that Melanie Fishbane is intrigued by Maud, and has a deep love for her. Melanie reveals at the end that she is a huge fan of L.M. Montgomery and seeing this work of fiction developed from her research, conversations, and travelling is remarkable. I found this book to have parallels to Anne, which made reading it even more so pleasant as you see possibly into why Maud felt so inspired to write.

One thing that is true throughout this book is that Maud was dedicated to her dreams, and had a love for the written word at an early age. Because this was not typically what women did during her generation made Maud all that more ballsy. I loved it!

She would write about girls who dreamed of words, art, music, and love-girls who were embraced by their communities and families, even if they were considered queer.

Up next, I choose my first Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None. Holy smokes!!! Why didn’t I read any of her work before?? I think that I hadn’t picked up any of her books prior to this is because I know that some schools have her books as required reading material.. and for some reason that just seemed like it would be a lot of work to read. I WAS SO WRONG. This book is fantastic.

agThis is a classic Who-Dun-It novel. In fact… I think Agatha Christie invented this genre! It’s just a brilliant piece of fiction, coming in at 204 pages it’s also a fast read.

The premise of this mystery novel is ten strangers are invited to an isolated island by a mysterious, millionaire host. It’s revealed shortly after their arrival that they all have a deep dark secret that is shared among the guests. From here, one by one, they die.

This book is a work of genius. It’s all built around a childhood riddle, which is called Ten Little Indians. This riddle ends up with each little Indian slowly dying… which in turn coincides with each of the ten strangers death. I am not the best person on figuring out “who did it?” in a murder mystery novel, but this one left me guessing the whole time and perplexed at the end. I actually wanted to read back to see what signs pointed to the murderer that I missed! One last thing, this book is funny… there were parts that I was actually reading out loud to my husband while we were driving.

Long story short, definitely pick up an Agatha Christie murder mystery book soon if you haven’t yet. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. I have been slowly buying these from Vinnie’s Peterborough, for 50 cents, and so glad I have a little collection of these books to dive into.

Anywho, that’s all for today! Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Maud, & And Then There Were None

  1. Great reviews! So glad you enjoyed the Agatha Christie. She’s such a clever writer, and I agree, there’s so much humour as well as murder and mystery. I’d recommend The Murder of Roger Ackroyd too. That was the first Christie I read and it remains one of my favourites!

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