Once More With Feeling, by Meira Cook

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Hello bookish friends! The leaves are turning colours here now, and I cannot wait to dig into some fall reading. There are specific books I have been saving (that you will have to wait and see what they are) for this beautiful, cozy season.

I received Once More With Feeling, by Meira Cook from House of Anansi Press as an advanced reader copy. Coming in at 432 pages it is definitely on the longer sides of books, and written by a Canadian Author. When I saw that Cook was Canadian, I was pretty excited to dig into some new fiction. Cook begun writing poetry, and then transitioned into writing fiction, this being her third novel.

Once More With Feeling is set in a Canadian prairie city and in the first chapter you are introduced to a family; Max, Maggie, Sams, and Lazar Binder. Max, who after twenty years of marriage, is still in love with his wife, Maggie. While he is trying to plan a big surprise for her fortieth birthday, an unexpected event changes their family’s life, and the people of their city.

I have to be honest, this book took quite a bit of effort for me to get through. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it… just that it’s not my favourite type of read. It takes a large cast of characters that you are slowly introduced to, and you watch them deal with crises and hard situations. This story is also told over the course of a year, and each section of the book is broken into seasons. The format of this novel is set out so each chapter is told by a different person in this town. Yep… I know, I had a hard time keeping up to this too!!!

In the beginning I had no idea how all these people’s stories were connecting to the first chapter. I felt like it was all over the place, and I couldn’t relate to any of the characters. But as you dive deeper into this novel, and at the very end you see what Meira Cook was circling back to.

Things I really liked about this book:

  • It was set in Canada, and there were many Canadian cultural references.
  • The author made each character very human, and prone to error.
  • It was filled with humour, and one-liners.
  • Throughout one character’s chapters were these clever lists (which were hilarious).

I think if you were a reader who enjoys laughing out loud while you read, this would be a perfect book pick for you. The best comparison I have for this one would be that in tone I found it similar to The Corrections, by Jonathon Franzen.Β It is full of family drama, and difficult dynamics while trying to figure out how their lives have changed.

Anywho, you can click on any of the links on the book to purchase it now, as it was just newly released yesterday!

Up next I will be sharing my thoughts on The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. I’m really excited to chat about this one, so if it’s on your list and you are feeling up to it… read along with me. I have been also listening to some great podcasts on this book that I will be sharing with you as well.

Till next time, happy reading!!


2 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling, by Meira Cook

  1. Hollie, great review. I’m all about family dramas so I might just check this one out. Thanks! 🌸

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