Since We Fell, by Dennis Lehane


I picked up Since We Fell, by Dennis Lehane at my local library on a whim as I had seen it plastered all over Instagram. It was sitting on the shelf that is dedicated to “New Picks”, so I thought that it was a sign to pick it up and read it. It also fit in with my October reading theme… thrilling and suspenseful… check!!

Something that immediately enticed me about this book is that Dennis Lehane is a very successful author. You open up the beginning of the book to a page full of previous titles that were very popular. And several had been made into Hollywood Blockbusters likeย Gone, Baby, Gone, andย Mystic River…ย which were movies that I really loved.

This book starts off by telling you that the main character, Rachel, shot her husband dead. This is a sure fire way to hook any reader! From here we work backwards to the beginning of Rachel’s story where we find out she is a former journalist who had mental breakdown on air. This breakdown lead to Rachel becoming a shut-in, who is scared of anything outside of her wonderful husband and apartment. Rachel begins to take her agoraphobia head on with treatment and begins to venture out of her apartment. On a rainy day she decides to meet a long time friend for a lunch date… when she thinks she sees her husband… who is supposed to be overseas! From here her marriage, and mental state starts to fall apart. She begins to be pulled into a downward spiral of betrayal, violence, and a psychological state that will have you guessing what is going to happen the whole time.

So… here are my thoughts on this book. Overall it was a fast paced, easy, and thrilling read. But in all honesty, it lacked depth. Like it had NO depth at all. I felt as if this book was written purely in hopes to get a movie deal, which seemed like a cop out to me. I think this could have been a really great story, but I just felt like I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. To me it seemed that they like they had no human emotions, and it was all surface level.

In saying this all this, I did love the premise of this book. Nothing is better than a psychological thriller that is done right… Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn is a prime example of this. And I literally finished this book within days because it was on the lighter, fast-paced side. So that’s a bonus! AND, I do think this would make a great movie, and will not be surprised when it comes out.

Lastly, one thing that I did like in this book was I found a great new song… Since We Fell In Love, by Lenny Welch. This is the song that the title of the book is inspired by, but also what keeps the two main characters song getting back together.

Have you read this book? I’d love to know what you think of it.

Until next time, happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Since We Fell, by Dennis Lehane

  1. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I agree that nothing is better than a psych thriller done well and I agree that Gone Girl is one of the rare examples! Sadly, I think after GG publishers just published psych thrillers willy nilly and there are tones of bad ones out there. BUT, I did like Since We Fell. I liked the beginning where the wife (now I can’t remember her name) slowly discovered the truth about her marriage. Was it the best I ever read? No. But I did enjoy it.

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  2. To a beautiful little girl.
    “Happy Birthday!!!” Audrye. Lots of love. Gr Lisa.

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