IT, by Stephen King


Most readers that I have talked books with fall into two categories. ONE being that they have read, and worship that ground that Stephen King walks on. TWO have never read his work, and are terrified to try… but they did like the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I was in that second category, despite my Dad’s praise of his work. So with my challenge of reading spooky books this October, and the movie coming out… I choose to read IT.

Here’s a couple things I knew about Stephen King before I started reading this book:

  • He’s in a band, and loves classic rock.
  • He has written a TON of books in a variety of genres.
  • He’s been married to his wife for a long time, and still so in love.

First off, if you are a little leary of reading IT, know that I was too. I hate being scared, but the great thing about this book is that it’s scary in a tolerable way. Whether you really like scary books, or aren’t the hugest fan of it, IT is actually a very good introduction to the thrilling horror genre.

If you haven’t read this book, here’s a quick synopsis. This is the story of the town Derry, and the children that live and “be children” in it. IT is the creature that lurks in the storm drains, under the bridge, and within their deepest nightmares, waiting to lure them in. Now that these children are grown up, they are called back to their hometown of Derry on a promise that they would come back to face IT if it ever returned.

I really enjoyed reading about the kids, and their childhood adventures… too bad IT was always waiting, lurking, to scare the crap out of me!! But these kids were super likable, and the way that they had each other’s backs was endearing. Bev, Bill, Stan, Eddie, Richie, Ben, and Mike were brought together by their fears of IT. The conversations that happened between the characters were sometimes hilarious, and had me laughing out loud.

Another great thing about this book, apart from the story, is the fact that Stephen King is literally the King of writing. He snuck in so many details that for a reader like myself (who likes to really analyze a book) found delightful. This one below really stuck out to me:

Stanley had discovered that a childhood friend of his had turned out to be a writer- not a real writer, Patricia told her mother, but a novelist.

Whether King had put this little detail in here to clap back at the people who had given him flack at one point in his career, or planted this detail to give a little hint to the reader… I still thought it was genius! Also the fact that he just put little snippets of song lyrics throughout the novel really added to the mood, but also a little personal detail.

I chatted to numerous people after I finished IT, and the one question I wanted to know from them was… what is IT???? And I noticed that everyone had a bit of a different perspective of what IT was. I actually found this really interesting, as IT to me seemed like your deepest darkest fear, and IT could transform into that. Eeeeekkkk, terrifying!!

Okay, bookish friends, what is IT? Tell me your thoughts.

I’m off to watch the movie now!


7 thoughts on “IT, by Stephen King

  1. I’m really glad to see you ended up enjoying the book! I’m still working my way through my first King book (Sleeping Beauties). I’m not a fan of long books, but I was determined to read one of his books this year! It’s a good one so far.
    I loved the movie. The original version and the new version that’s in theaters now. I hope you enjoy them! Some day I will read this book!!

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  2. PS – I didn’t know that about him and his wife and I think that’s so sweet!

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  3. This is on my tbr list! Can’t wait to read IT! (See what I did there?). Yes. Lame.

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  4. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I felt the same way you did about King…read Pet Sematary and Misery years ago and that was plenty for me. LOVED 11/22/63, but realized that was a departure for him. But, I’m thinking I should try IT at some point.


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