February: Time for Love


February marks month 2 of My Happiness Project, and the focus this month is “Time for Love”. When I initially mapped out this project “Time for Love” meant working my relationship with my hubby… well, the plan has shifted a bit to include myself in this plan too.

My husband and I have had a stressful first month of the year, with some personal things popping up, as well as him going back to school while working full-time…  let’s just say that we have had to work as a team more than ever. And I think we have been an amazing team, and am really happy with how we have been coping with these stressors… but as much as it’s fun working as a team to get through the day, I don’t want us to forget about being a couple. So below I’ve listed a couple of goals to work on:

  • Go on a date. This sounds easy. I know couples who do monthly, or even weekly date nights… we are not this couple. Although we really enjoy date nights when we do them, it’s just hard to get a babysitter, line it up with out schedules, and get out the door. So this month, we are going on a date! Stay tuned for the update 🙂
  • Timing. You know that feeling when you have something important to talk about with your significant other, and you just want to get it over with… It’s the end of a long day for both of you, and you decide to just get the conversation over with. This is something I do all the time… but this month I’m going to work on picking the right time to have these important discussions, or decisions. Because just picking the right timing for an important chat can completely change the way it goes.
  • Saying Thank You. It’s really easy for me to take for granted the fact that my hubby just does all the things he does. I appreciate it all, from plowing snow, to bathing the kids, to bedtime stories… so I am going to make a better effort at telling him how thankful I am and how much I appreciate the things he does.
  • Self-love. Like I said earlier, it’s been a bit of stressful month. And I think like any parent, I have a hard time taking time for just me. But this month I’m going to force myself to get more comfortable with it. Once a week I am going to make sure I have some “me-time”. It can be a fancy coffee and reading, a pedicure, or just some quiet time!

Some required reading I’m doing this month:

Anywho, that’s it for February! And please in the comments below let me know a great romantic classic that I could add to my reading list this month. Thank you!






One thought on “February: Time for Love

  1. Hi Hollie
    Reading over your last post again. What an inspiration you are to so
    many people. You are just AMAZING!! So proud to be your Gramma!!
    Keep up the good work Love you all so much. Gr Lisa

    Sent from my iPad


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