Entitlement, by Jonathan Bennett


This book is a special one. Jonathan Bennett is a poet and author, who you can tell from very early on in the novel is a big fan on the written word. He is local to the Peterborough area… making this book feel very easy for me to make connections to it’s references and Canadian ways.

You must read, Andy. Books are what separate us from the animals and the masses.

Entitlement is the story of Andy Kronk and his tangled web of his relationship with the Aspinalls. The Aspinalls are one of Canada’s elite families, and at a young age Andy had found himself thrown into a world he didn’t belong in from his friendship with Colin Aspinall. When Andy’s path takes him away from the Aspinalls, he finds himself tangled back up in their web. Andy’s story comes out as Trudy Clarke begins to write a tell-all biography about the Aspinalls, and wants to hear what Andy’s part in the family had played. But what she finds out is much more than she thought she would hear.

Like I said earlier, I really connected with this novel. With it’s travels from cottage country, canoe paddles, and Toronto life, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic. I also really love books about relationships, and the powers that lie within them. And with relationships being a large theme in this novel, I think on some part everyone can relate to the ups and downs of a family and what we do to protect our unit.

There were a couple references that I just loved in this book. Trudy, the biographer, had a big crush on Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This is something that I can relate to, only it’s a crush on his son 🙂 Another clever thing was the name of a restaurant… Gorgon and Zola’s. As a fellow cheese lover, I instantly smiled and thought about picking up a chunk of blue cheese. Even the description of Gorgon and Zola brings up images of the marbled blue veins that run through this cheese.

He’d been to Gorgon and Zola’s before. An aquamarine blue ceiling and floor were joined with walls covered in a tiled spiralling mosaic.

The ending of this book… friends, I’m telling you it was like a punch to the gut and then I just had to keep racing to the end to find out what these character’s outcomes would be. I am not a fan of spoiling an end, so I’m not going to do this, but I will say that the ending is beautiful and brilliant. So go buy this book, and read it! Then PLEASE reach out to me so we can chat about it.

Anywho that’s all for next time, happy reading!


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