The Wonder, by Emma Donoghue


Everyone has probably either read or heard of Room, by Emma Donoghue. Well, this book is completely different from Room, but equally compelling and thrilling. A wonderful client gifted me this book as it was one she really enjoyed, and wanted to pass on. I gratefully accepted it, and have come to realize the best clients are also book people πŸ™‚ So after a month of it sitting on my shelf, I found myself gazing at The Wonder, deciding this would be the one I read next.

This book fits into the thriller/historical fiction genre. A great combo as it really drove the plot forward. I found the last 150 pages couldn’t be read fast enough!! The writing was fast-paced, and the plot was really intriguing as it was loosely based on some true events that happened in Ireland, 1850’s.

Here’s a quick synopsis: English nurse, Lib Wright, is called to a tiny village in Midland Ireland, and it’s 1859. She’s to observe what the area is claiming either to be a medical anomaly or a miracle. Anna, a young 10 year old girl, has been said to have survived without food for four months. Tourists, and journalists have come to see the sensation that is Anna. Over time, Lib starts to put the pieces together as to how this child is surviving, and why she isn’t eating.Β 

A fast didn’t go fast; it was the slowest thing there was. Fast meant a door shut fast, firmly. A fastness, a fortress. To fast was to hold fast to emptiness, to say no and no and no again.

Emma Donoghue can tell a fantastic story, but what I think is more incredible is how different each story is. This one is a fascinating look at what can happen when the lines between religion, and morals are blurred… and also the way it can split a family. I think Emma Donoghue did an incredible job of not depicting the Church in a positive or negative light, but just purely there in all the facets. It’s really hard to chat about this book without giving away any of the exciting plot twists, BUT that hint should urge you to pick it up. The ending was not at all what I saw coming… which is exactly why I couldn’t stop turning those pages!! I think this book would be a great book club pick, as there is so much to discuss.

Have you read any of Emma Donoghue’s work? Something that I think is super cool is that she actually lies in London, Ontario. And ya’ll know how much I love that Canlit.

If you have The Wonder, drop me your opinion in the comments please!!! I’m eager to chat about it!

Until the next book, happy reading!!


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