The Outsider, by Stephen King


Confession time: I’m a mood reader. Sometimes I like to read deep, introspective books. Sometimes I like to read something that scares the pants off of me. Maybe this is a reflection of what’s going on in my head, and escaping to a novel that is the opposite. As of lately I feel like I had been reading tons of deep work, self-help novels. In doing so, I think I’ve really realized how much I love fiction, and the escape of it.

My Dad recently read The Outsider, by Stephen King, and told he really liked it. So I put it on hold MONTHS ago from my local library. When it came in, I yet again raced to the library to pick up the hold. I have only read a handful of King’s novels, but his favourite of mine so far has been his memoir, On Writing. Click on the link to head to my review for that! After I had read that book, I really realized how thoughtful, and how much of his own self he puts into the novel.

The Outsider is a thrilling, psychological ride that will BLOW your mind! If you like the type of books that make you want to turn the pages, but also miss the characters when you are done… then this is the one for you! An eleven-year-old boy’s body is found in a  park in Flint City. There are multiple eyewitnesses and fingerprints that point to Terry Maitland, a town patriarch, who also coaches the Little League, a teacher, and a fellow bookworm. Detective Ralph Anderson, orders a quick and very public arrest, when he finds out that Maitland has an alibi. As the investigation gets deeper, the novel gets more twisted, and King’s novel kicks it up a notch with a fast paced pick up, and a touch of a Dracula-esque twist.

“-people had the mistaken idea that Poe wrote fantastic stories about the supernatural, when in fact he wrote realistic stories about abnormal psychology.”

Ekkkk… I loved this book!!! It is long, but don’t let that talk you out of picking up this twisty book. What I really love most about King’s writing is his character development. He just nails his characters to the point that they feel as if you are sitting down with them hearing their voice, and seeing them exactly as he describes them. I love it! There was also the fact that without giving too much away, there is a Dracula-esque twist to this novel…. and I freaking loved that. I’m a huge Dracula meets reality type fan. Yes this is a confession that you probably weren’t expecting…. but if you read The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova, this one gave me those types of feelings, but a little faster paced.

I can’t wait to discuss this book with my Dad. He’s the ultimate King fan, and I really love dissecting his novels with him. Anywho, that’s all for today. Go read this one, perfect for setting you up for October and Halloween!!

Until next time, happy reading!!


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