Top 12, Goal Wrap-up for 2019, & Moving into 2020


This year has brought our little family a ton of joy. We had a new little babe who was an unexpected bonus to our family. Wee Alice is a sweetheart, and a dream baby. But with that being said, this year I’ve also felt as if I’ve been spinning my tires in mud (or snow, depending on the time of year it is!). It’s as if I’ve been living in a vortex of my own self, family, and home.

Last year I made a bunch of goals for my reading life, some I knocked out of the park, and others I didn’t even make it through January with. Below I have wrapped up these goals, and a few little words about them. This year, I will be working on some reading goals, but also some personal goals. But first, some favourite book fun…

Top 12 Books of 2019

This list is in no particular order, because I love all of them for different reasons! I’m linking my review to these novels on the title of the book if you want to read more about them. I’d love to hear all your thoughts and opinions, and what your fav’s of 2019 were.

  1. Circe, by Madeline Miller
  2. City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. Normal People, by Sally Rooney
  4. Daughter of Family G, by Ami McKay
  5. After the Flood, by Kassandra Montag
  6. By Chance Alone, by Max Eisen (Canada Reads Winner)
  7. Daisy Jones and the Six, by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  8. Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah
  9. Tell me More, by Kelly Corrigan
  10. The Last Romantics, by Tara Conklin
  11. Indian Horse, by Richard Wagamese
  12. Born to Run, by Bruce Springsteen

2019 Reading Goals

  • Mindful reading. What even is this?? Where my head was at when I made this goal… I don’t know 🙂
  • Mood reading. I did this all year long, and will continue this. Picking up a pick at the right time is key. Think mystery or creepy for Halloween, and cozy for Christmas!
  • A couple classic novels. Ekkk, here’s a fail! I read two, so things to improve on.
  • Discover some new Canadian Authors. Yes!! I completely did this. I am going to do a whole blog post dedicated to this, because there were so many great novels that I would love to make a list of them!
  • To attend some author events. Fail! I am coming to terms that I am a hermit/introvert, and leaving my house at night only happens on rare occasions.
  • Use my Goodreads account. I did do this a bit this year, by writing reviews, and rating novels. But this year I’d like to track my reading on Goodreads.
  • Read 75 books! I went above and beyond this goal, and read 96 books this year. This wasn’t planned, I just read when I felt like it… and turns out this was my best reading year yet!

2020 Goals:

Like I said earlier last year I felt as if I was spinning my tires. Doing a whole ton of work, and getting no where. Two things occurred to me, 1) I’m probably not going about my tasks in an effective way, 2) Stop spinning, and enjoy the scenery.

  • Decrease my carbon footprint. No take out cups. This means only using my traveller’s mug, or water bottle. Recycle at a whole new level. Teach my kids the importance of this.
  • Nuturing relationships. I feel as if I’ve fallen off a cliff since wee beautiful Alice came into my life… which is necessary, but I know that I can make a better effort in my other relationships. Even if it’s just a check in text, I can try. 
  • Use my Goodreads account. 
  • Make a 20 for 2020 list, and chip away at it. I am borrowing this idea from Gretchen Rubin, and making a list of little projects that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and crossing them off this year. It varies in things like run in a race, to organizing my family photos. I’m also going to do a post on this as well, when I finish the list!
  • Run in a race.
  • Stretch.
  • Read 90 books.

Anywho, that’s all for now. I just read the greatest memoir, and can’t wait to recap it for you in a couple days. Be prepared, I have a lot of words on it!

Happy New Year, bookish buds!


2 thoughts on “Top 12, Goal Wrap-up for 2019, & Moving into 2020

  1. Happy New Year to you too Hollie!
    Love your goals – you blow me away! Lol, you should add be kind to yourself 🙂
    Thanks for your favs list!
    T xo


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