Podcasts I’m Loving

I absolutely love listening to Podcasts. You can find information on any topic at your fingertips to listen to. It is such a great way to squeeze in a little extra knowledge, or laughter into my day.

Have no idea how to start listening??? Check out this blog post for a little how-to.

Mostly I listen to Podcasts while I’m running, walking, cleaning, or folding laundry. Being on maternity leave with my two little ones can be isolating at times. But being able to tune into the Podcast episodes keeps my mind stimulated, and makes the mundane tasks of daily living just fly by.

So here is a list of my favourite Podcasts at the moment. Please feel free to reach out to me on which episodes you liked, or if you need any suggestions on where to start. I am always down to talk Podcasts!

Books and Literature Podcasts:

  • What Should I Read Next–  Anne Bogel invites a guest on weekly to recommend books, based on their personality and book taste. This is the Podcast that had me at hello! I wait for Tuesdays, because that’s the day a new episode is released.
  • From the Front Porch– Annie is the owner of The Bookshelf Thomasville, and Chris the co-host will make you laugh out loud. There are different literary topics each week, and you appreciate their honesty in the books they talk about it.
  • The Book Cougars– Chris and Emily are hilarious, and smart, and discuss books and literary adventures.
  • Reading Envy– The host, Jenny, invites a guest each episode to discuss what they have been reading, what type of reader they are, and what’s up next on the TBR. What I love about this podcast is that it has a feeling of sitting with a close friend with a cup of tea, and discussing books. I heard about this podcast from The Book Cougars, and am so glad I checked it out!
  • Books on the Nightstand- I was devastated when this Podcast ended, BUT you can go back and listen to them all. Which I have, and let me tell you Michael and Ann are awesome and I miss them!

Lifestyle and Podcasts to make you smile:

  • Sorta Awesome– This Podcast isn’t just Sorta Awesome, it’s amazing. It always features Megan Tietz, the host, and a couple different co-hosts each week. They talk about all kinds of topics… parenthood, podcasts, books, and even dry shampoo!
  • The Simple Show– Topics include books, home, and travel with Tsh Oxenreider who has travelled the world with kids, and written several books.
  • Marathon Training Academy– This one feeds my love for running. Great guests, and great topics, slightly for the more serious and longer distance runner.
  • The Running Lifestyle Show– Another running one, which is a little more balanced. For the runner who makes health a priority, this Podcast is for you. Kari is a great interviewer, and always features a nutrition portion with Serena.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin– Author Gretchen Rubin, and her sister Liz Craft delve into practical advice to develop good habits and get happier!
  • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey– This Podcast is like sitting around with a girlfriend, discussing life and all that goes in it.
  • The Popcast– Based on pop culture, Jamie and Knox will have you peeing your pants laughing!! If you are in a bad mood, put this one on and you will soon be smiling.
  • Bitch Sesh– A secret vice of mine… I love watching the Real Housewives. Each episode is a breakdown of the shows that week. Danielle and Casey will have you howling with laughter!!!

Deep Dive and thought provoking Podcasts:

  • The Moth– This features true stories, told live and without notes, to an audience. The stories are beautiful, heavy sometimes, and thought provoking.
  • S-Town– from the Serial and This American life, Brian Reed is contacted by John who despises his Albama town and decides to do something about it. It is weird, and beautiful, and brings up the large issues that aren’t always talked about.
  • Radiolab– This show takes on big idea or situation, and tells it’s story. The production on it is amazing, with sounds, music, science, and research.
  • Invisibilia–  Discussing the invisible forces that control human behaviour, these episodes will make you think. The co-hosts are great, and you will want to start at the beginning of them and work your way through.